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ENH: better docs

parent 21acffc6
......@@ -132,7 +132,9 @@ static const cmDocumentationEntry cmDocumentationOptions[] =
{"--build-project", "Specify the name of the project to build.", "" },
{"--build-makeprogram", "Specify the make program to use.", "" },
{"--build-noclean", "Skip the make clean step.", "" },
{"--build-options", "Add extra options to the build step.", "" },
{"--build-options", "Add extra options to the build step.",
"This option must be the last option with the exception of --test-command" },
{"--test-command", "The test to run with the --build-and-test option.", "" },
{"--tomorrow-tag", "Nightly or experimental starts with next day tag.",
"This is useful if the build will not finish in one day." },
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