Commit 0df37903 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

VS: Add `-Zc:inline[-]` flag table entry for v142

Apply the change from commit f1223e34 (VS: Add v140 flag table entries
for `-Zc:inline[-]`, 2018-11-26) to the v142 flag table.

The documentation of this option [1] claims that the default is off, but
VS seems to use `-Zc:inline` by default if `RemoveUnreferencedCodeData`
does not appear in the `.vcxproj` file.  Add the flag table entry to
allow use of the flag to be configured.

parent fb2e418c
......@@ -858,6 +858,13 @@
"value": "true",
"flags": []
"name": "RemoveUnreferencedCodeData",
"switch": "Zc:inline-",
"comment": "Remove unreferenced code and data",
"value": "false",
"flags": []
"name": "RemoveUnreferencedCodeData",
"switch": "Zc:inline",
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