Commit 0c727b90 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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install(EXPORT): Force absolute paths for usr-move

If the absolute install(EXPORT) destination for the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX
used during configuration is under (/usr)?/lib(64)? then assume the
current build is for a system package installation instead of a
relocatable distribution.  Generate an absolute path for _IMPORT_PREFIX
in the target exports file instead of generating code to compute the
value relative to the file location.  This is necessary for
distributions implementing a move to /usr such as:
 "All files in the /lib directory have been moved to /usr/lib and now
  /lib is a symlink to usr/lib."

The relative path computation is not reliable because the targets file
could be installed through cross-prefix a symlink and loaded without it
or vice versa.

A similar change was made for package configuration file generation by
commit d4774140 (configure_package_config_file: force absolute paths for
usr-move, 2013-01-24).
parent aa027af9
......@@ -73,6 +73,23 @@ bool cmExportInstallFileGenerator::GenerateMainFile(std::ostream& os)
// import file location.
const char* installDest = this->IEGen->GetDestination();
std::string installPrefix =
std::string absDest = installPrefix + "/" + installDest + "/";
if(strncmp(absDest.c_str(), "/lib/", 5) == 0 ||
strncmp(absDest.c_str(), "/lib64/", 7) == 0 ||
strncmp(absDest.c_str(), "/usr/lib/", 9) == 0 ||
strncmp(absDest.c_str(), "/usr/lib64/", 11) == 0)
// Assume this is a build for system package installation rather than a
// relocatable distribution. Use an absolute prefix because some Linux
// distros symlink /lib to /usr/lib which confuses the relative path
// computation below if we generate for /lib under one prefix and but the
// file is loaded from another.
os << "set(_IMPORT_PREFIX \"" << installPrefix << "\")\n";
std::string dest = installDest;
os << "# Compute the installation prefix relative to this file.\n"
......@@ -85,6 +102,7 @@ bool cmExportInstallFileGenerator::GenerateMainFile(std::ostream& os)
dest = cmSystemTools::GetFilenamePath(dest);
os << "\n";
// Import location properties may reference this variable.
this->ImportPrefix = "${_IMPORT_PREFIX}/";
......@@ -36,6 +36,8 @@ public:
cmExportSet* GetExportSet() {return this->ExportSet;}
cmMakefile* GetMakefile() const { return this->Makefile; }
const std::string& GetNamespace() const { return this->Namespace; }
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