Commit 0c3a0477 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King 💬
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Android: Update libc++ include directories for NDK r13

The Android NDK r13 moved the libc++ include directories.

Closes: #16346
parent ebef3632
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......@@ -3,7 +3,13 @@ set(_ANDROID_STL_RTTI 1)
macro(__android_stl_cxx lang filename)
# Add the include directory.
if(EXISTS "${CMAKE_ANDROID_NDK}/sources/cxx-stl/llvm-libc++/libcxx/include/cstddef")
# r12 and below
__android_stl_inc(${lang} "${CMAKE_ANDROID_NDK}/sources/cxx-stl/llvm-libc++/libcxx/include" 1)
# r13 and above
__android_stl_inc(${lang} "${CMAKE_ANDROID_NDK}/sources/cxx-stl/llvm-libc++/include" 1)
# Add a secondary include directory if it exists.
__android_stl_inc(${lang} "${CMAKE_ANDROID_NDK}/sources/android/support/include" 0)
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