Commit 0ad329f7 authored by jrp2014's avatar jrp2014 Committed by Brad King
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Sanitize paths from LINK_DIRECTORIES directory property

Normally they are sanitized by the `link_directories` command before
populating the property, but projects may set the property directly.
parent 561238bb
......@@ -1836,12 +1836,10 @@ void cmMakefile::AddGlobalLinkInformation(cmTarget& target)
std::vector<std::string> linkDirs;
cmSystemTools::ExpandListArgument(linkDirsProp, linkDirs);
for (std::string const& linkDir : linkDirs) {
std::string newdir = linkDir;
// remove trailing slashes
if (*linkDir.rbegin() == '/') {
newdir = linkDir.substr(0, linkDir.size() - 1);
for (std::string& linkDir : linkDirs) {
// Sanitize the path the same way the link_directories command does
// in case projects set the LINK_DIRECTORIES property directly.
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