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Help: Update tutorial to include text from CMake book

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CMake Tutorial
This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide that covers common build
system issues that CMake helps address. Seeing how various topics all
work together in an example project can be very helpful. This tutorial
can be found in the ``Help/guide/tutorial`` directory of the CMake
source code tree. Each topic has its own subdirectory containing code
that may be used as a starting point for that step. The tutorial
examples are progressive so that each step provides the complete
solution for the previous step.
A Basic Starting Point (Step 1)
The most basic project is an executable built from source code files.
For simple projects, a two line CMakeLists file is all that is required.
This will be the starting point for our tutorial. The CMakeLists file
looks like:
.. literalinclude:: Step1/CMakeLists.txt
:language: cmake
Note that this example uses lower case commands in the CMakeLists file.
Upper, lower, and mixed case commands are supported by CMake. The source
code for ``tutorial.cxx`` will compute the square root of a number and
the first version of it is very simple, as follows:
.. literalinclude:: Step1/tutorial.cxx
:language: c++
Adding a Version Number and Configured Header File
......@@ -18,6 +43,14 @@ To add a version number we modify the CMakeLists file as follows:
:start-after: # set the version number
:end-before: # configure a header file
Since the configured file will be written into the binary tree, we
must add that directory to the list of paths to search for include
.. literalinclude:: Step2/CMakeLists.txt
:language: cmake
:start-after: # so that we will find TutorialConfig.h
We then create a ```` file in the source tree with the
following contents:
......@@ -35,6 +68,8 @@ version numbers. The updated source code is listed below.
:start-after: // report version
:end-before: return 1;
The main changes are the inclusion of the ``TutorialConfig.h`` header
file and printing out a version number as part of the usage message.
Specify the C++ Standard
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