Commit 0a3d6a19 authored by Peter Kümmel's avatar Peter Kümmel
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Ninja: make debug symbol suffix configurable by CMAKE_DEBUG_SYMBOL_SUFFIX

parent 75bbffbe
......@@ -447,7 +447,11 @@ void cmNinjaNormalTargetGenerator::WriteLinkStatement()
std::string base;
std::string suffix;
this->GetTarget()->GetFullNameComponents(std::string(), base, suffix);
vars["TARGET_PDB"] = base + suffix + ".gdb";
std::string dbg_suffix = ".dbg";
// TODO: Where to document?
if (mf->GetDefinition("CMAKE_DEBUG_SYMBOL_SUFFIX"))
dbg_suffix = mf->GetDefinition("CMAKE_DEBUG_SYMBOL_SUFFIX");
vars["TARGET_PDB"] = base + suffix + dbg_suffix;
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