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 Tutorial: Enhance CTestConfig info in Step 8
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......@@ -28,9 +28,23 @@ With:
The :module:`CTest` module will automatically call ``enable_testing()``, so we
can remove it from our CMake files.
We will also need to create a ``CTestConfig.cmake`` file in the top-level
directory where we can specify the name of the project and where to submit the
We will also need to acquire a ``CTestConfig.cmake`` file to be placed in the
top-level directory where we can specify information to CTest about the
project. It contains:
* The project name
* The project "Nightly" start time
* The time when a 24 hour "day" starts for this project.
* The URL of the CDash instance where the submission's generated documents
will be sent
One has been provided for you in this directory. It would normally be
downloaded from the ``Settings`` page of the project on the CDash
instance that will host and display the test results. Once downloaded from
CDash, the file should not be modified locally.
.. literalinclude:: Step9/CTestConfig.cmake
:caption: CTestConfig.cmake
set(CTEST_PROJECT_NAME "CMakeTutorial")
set(CTEST_DROP_LOCATION "/submit.php?project=CMakeTutorial")
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