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Merge topic 'fix-ti-c-standard'


 TI: Add support for C language standards

Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <>
Merge-request: !2131
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......@@ -361,6 +361,7 @@ following :variable:`compiler ids <CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER_ID>` as of the
versions specified for each:
* all compilers and versions listed above with only meta-features for C++.
* ``TI``: Texas Instruments compiler.
CMake is currently aware of the :prop_tgt:`CUDA standards <CUDA_STANDARD>`
from the following :variable:`compiler ids <CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER_ID>` as of the
* The :manual:`Compile Features <cmake-compile-features(7)>` functionality
is now aware of C language standards supported by Texas Instruments C
......@@ -2,6 +2,12 @@ set(CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH_FLAG "--search_path=")
set(CMAKE_LINK_LIBRARY_FLAG "--library=")
set(CMAKE_INCLUDE_FLAG_C "--include_path=")
set(CMAKE_C90_EXTENSION_COMPILE_OPTION "--c89 --relaxed_ansi")
set(CMAKE_C99_EXTENSION_COMPILE_OPTION "--c99 --relaxed_ansi")
set(CMAKE_DEPFILE_FLAGS_C "--preproc_with_compile --preproc_dependency=<DEPFILE>")
set(CMAKE_C_CREATE_ASSEMBLY_SOURCE "<CMAKE_C_COMPILER> --compile_only --skip_assembler --c_file=<SOURCE> <DEFINES> <INCLUDES> <FLAGS> --output_file=<ASSEMBLY_SOURCE>")
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