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ENH: fix docs

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......@@ -69,10 +69,9 @@ public:
"added to a target. Obviously, "
"it must be created (presumably by a custom command) before the "
"target is built. "
"If the HEADER_FILE_ONLY (boolean) property is true then dependency "
"information is not created for that file (this is set "
"automatically, based on the file's name's extension and is probably "
"only used by Makefiles). "
"If the HEADER_FILE_ONLY (boolean) property is true then the "
"file is not compiled. This is useful if you want to add extra "
"non build files to an IDE. "
"OBJECT_DEPENDS (string) adds dependencies to the object file. "
"COMPILE_FLAGS (string) is passed to the compiler as additional "
"command line arguments when the source file is compiled. "
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