Commit 057ecb8f authored by Gregor Jasny's avatar Gregor Jasny Committed by Brad King

C++ feature checks: Ignore Xcode warnings

parent 985d3a16
......@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@ function(cm_check_cxx_feature name)
# Filter out warnings caused by local configuration.
string(REGEX REPLACE "[^\n]*warning:[^\n]*directory not found for option[^\n]*" "" check_output "${check_output}")
string(REGEX REPLACE "[^\n]*warning:[^\n]*object file compiled with -mlong-branch which is no longer needed[^\n]*" "" check_output "${check_output}")
# Filter out xcodebuild warnings.
string(REGEX REPLACE "[^\n]* xcodebuild\\[[0-9]*:[0-9]*\\] warning: [^\n]*" "" check_output "${check_output}")
# If using the feature causes warnings, treat it as broken/unavailable.
if(check_output MATCHES "[Ww]arning")
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