Commit 02ba5d57 authored by Paul Seyfert's avatar Paul Seyfert Committed by Brad King
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Help: Fix --build-and-test synopsis in ctest(1)

The synopsis added by commit 9d3aa95c (Help: Divide ctest(1) manual
options into sections, 2017-11-08, v3.11.0-rc1~359^2~2) is missing the
actual `--build-and-test` argument!  Add it now.
parent e6897c72
......@@ -11,8 +11,9 @@ Synopsis
.. parsed-literal::
ctest [<options>]
ctest <path-to-source> <path-to-build> --build-generator <generator>
[<options>...] [-- <build-options>...] [--test-command <test>]
ctest --build-and-test <path-to-source> <path-to-build>
--build-generator <generator> [<options>...]
[--build-options <opts>...] [--test-command <command> [<args>...]]
ctest {-D <dashboard> | -M <model> -T <action> | -S <script> | -SP <script>}
[-- <dashboard-options>...]
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