Commit 0123cb0f authored by Ken Martin's avatar Ken Martin
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fix compile warning

parent 952c2f2d
......@@ -250,14 +250,14 @@ bool cmStringCommand::RegexReplace(std::vector<std::string> const& args)
std::string::size_type base = 0;
std::string::size_type l = re.start();
std::string::size_type l2 = re.start();
std::string::size_type r = re.end();
// Concatenate the part of the input that was not matched.
output += input.substr(base, l);
output += input.substr(base, l2);
// Make sure the match had some text.
if(r-l == 0)
if(r-l2 == 0)
std::string e = "sub-command REGEX, mode REPLACE regex \""+regex+"\" matched an empty string.";
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