Commit 00676890 authored by Zsolt Parragi's avatar Zsolt Parragi

Work around clang-cl breakage on make_unique/std::forward

Clang on Windows with the MSVC ABI produces link errors of the
form `unresolved std::_Iosb<int>::{app,_Openmode} in ...`.
Use a temporary variable to forward as lvalue rather than rvalue
to work around the problem.
parent d625dfcd
......@@ -70,8 +70,9 @@ bool cmExportFileGenerator::GenerateImportFile()
std::unique_ptr<cmsys::ofstream> foutPtr;
if (this->AppendMode) {
// Open for append.
auto openmodeApp = std::ios::app;
foutPtr = cm::make_unique<cmsys::ofstream>(this->MainImportFile.c_str(),
} else {
// Generate atomically and with copy-if-different.
std::unique_ptr<cmGeneratedFileStream> ap(
......@@ -50,8 +50,9 @@ void cmExportLibraryDependenciesCommand::ConstFinalPass() const
// Use copy-if-different if not appending.
std::unique_ptr<cmsys::ofstream> foutPtr;
if (this->Append) {
const auto openmodeApp = std::ios::app;
foutPtr =
cm::make_unique<cmsys::ofstream>(this->Filename.c_str(), std::ios::app);
cm::make_unique<cmsys::ofstream>(this->Filename.c_str(), openmodeApp);
} else {
std::unique_ptr<cmGeneratedFileStream> ap(
new cmGeneratedFileStream(this->Filename, true));
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