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    LCC: Add dedicated support for MCST LCC compiler · e5d9fce0
    Igor Molchanov authored
    Divert LCC compiler as a new one, instead of treating it as GNU.
    Since old times, Elbrus C/C++/Fortran Compiler (LCC) by MCST has been
    passing checks for GNU compilers, so it has been identified as GNU.
    Now, with intent of seriously upstreaming its support, it has been
    added as a separate LCC compiler, and its version displays not a
    supported GCC version, but LCC version itself (e.g. LCC 1.25.19 instead
    of GNU 7.3.0).
    This commit adds its support for detection, and also converts basically
    every check like 'is this compiler GNU?' to 'is this compiler GNU or
    LCC?'. The only places where this check is untouched, is where it
    regards other platforms where LCC is unavailable (primarily non-Linux),
    and where it REALLY differs from GNU compiler.
    Note: this transition may break software that are already ported to
    Elbrus, but hardly relies that LCC will be detected as GNU; still such
    software is not known.