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    GHS: Add Compiler ID detection · 72e0c115
    Fred Baksik authored
    -- Detect GHS compiler and version
       Detect ARCHITECTURE_ID for PPC / ARM / 86 targets
       Detect PLATFORM_ID for Integrity and Integrity178 platforms
       Using defines specified in the documents for the compilers: 201416 PPC / 201754 ARM / 201714 86
    -- Fallback C/CXX compiler ID to GHS if not otherwise detected and using GHS MULTI generator
       Works around issue with some GHS compilers not setting __ghs__ compiler define
    -- Tweak Compiler ID checking so major id of 002017 is not replaced with 217
    -- Prefer try_compile() library targets when testing for working GHS compilers
    -- Avoid CMake errors if reading past end of file for checking if file is PE executable