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    GHS: Use the correct compiler flags for CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE · 702121c5
    Fred Baksik authored
    -- Do not use CMAKE_C_FLAGS_RELEASE flags when CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is empty
       if CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE was not set the generator would use Release settings
       this does not match the documented behavior of CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE
    -- CMAKE_C_FLAGS_<CONFIG> not used when -kernel is present
       Fixes issue where CMAKE_C_FLAGS_<CONFIG> is ignored when -kernel option is present as a compiler option
       When the -kernel option is added to an executable it uses a different set of language flags
       This does not occur -kernel=<type> is used or if it is added as part of a link flag
       The variables CMAKE_<LANG>_GHS_KERNEL_FLAGS_<CONFIG> are removed
       NOTE: By default this only added the flag -ldebug which links in the debugger library.
    -- Separate compiler options by newlines