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    KWSys 2017-03-24 (7e9f7b7b) · fda80fde
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    at commit 7e9f7b7bdc8ac54006a40a775867022c4d678b06 (master).
    Upstream Shortlog
    Brad King (3):
          0af48083 Drop custom Git whitespace check attribute
          6365886c Define a custom Git attribute to mark sources using our C style
          d22c2743 clang-format.bash: Use Git attributes to mark files for formatting
    Egor Pugin (3):
          ce44c58a FStream: Export ReadBOM() from shared library
          04e24b2b ConsoleBuf: Remove export macro from BasicConsoleBuf template
          858d5edd Encoding: Export CommandLineArguments from shared library
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