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    cmMakefile: Restore nested error logic use of cmExecutionStatus · f1ad71d7
    Brad King authored
    Since commit 14a8d61f (cmMakefile: Port nested error logic away from
    cmExecutionStatus) we fail to continue processing function and macro
    bodies after non-fatal errors.  A non-fatal error should not stop
    foreach loops, macro bodies, nested bodies, or the outer script.
    Add a test covering these cases, and revert the change to fix them.
    Also revert commit 2af853de (cmMakefile: Simplify IssueMessage
    implementation) because the assertion it added (which was removed by the
    above commit and is restored by reverting it) is incorrect.  We do have
    code paths that call cmMakefile::IssueMessage with an empty execution
    stack, such as in CheckForUnusedVariables's LogUnused call.
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