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    ParseImplicitIncludeInfo: add SunPro Fortran and PGI compiler, Cray fix · ef8f2376
    chuck cranor authored
    Add implicit include parser for PGI compiler ID.  PGI verbose output
    for CXX differs from C and Fortran, so CXX is broken out into its own
    case.  The C and Fortran compilers take "-YI,path" and "-Mnostdinc" to
    change or disable the builtin include path.  The last arg on the command
    line appears to override previous args (e.g. "-YI,path1 -YI,path2" will
    set the path to "path2" ... the previous "-YI,path1" gets undone).
    The CXX compiler verbose output reports with "-I" rather than "-stdinc"
    for the built in path.  In addition with CXX "-Mnostdinc" does not
    completely zero the include path (e.g. "#include <stdio.h>" still works
    with "-Mnostdinc"... "-I/usr/include" still shows up in the verbose output).
    Minor adjustments to get the SunPro parser to handle Fortran as well.
    Fixes for Cray compiler support (Modules/Compiler/Cray-{C,CXX}.cmake):
    The *_COMPILE_OPTION flags contain options like "-h c99,gnu" ...
    these options need to be in do...
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