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    Add Lua-style long brackets and long comments to CMake language · daa0f6f9
    Brad King authored
    Teach the CMake language parser to recognize Lua-style "long bracket"
    arguments.  These start with two '[' separated by zero or more '='
    characters e.g. "[[" or "[=[" or "[==[".  They end with two ']'
    separated by the same number of '=' as the opening bracket.  There is no
    nesting of brackets of the same level (number of '=').  No escapes,
    variable expansion, or other processing is performed on the content
    between such brackets so they always represent exactly one argument.
    Also teach CMake to parse and ignore "long comment" syntax.  A long
    comment starts with "#" immediately followed by an opening long bracket.
    It ends at the matching close long bracket.
    Teach the RunCMake.Syntax test to cover long bracket and long comment