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    Tests: Relax restrictions on version variable contents · a5ee6285
    David Cole authored
    Our only expectation of version number variables should be that
    they begin with a decimal digit for VERSION_LESS, VERSION_EQUAL
    and VERSION_GREATER comparison purposes. If people put extra
    blah blah after a version number like "1.2.3 (this is some super
    special extra information about our funky proprietary build of
    the official 1.2.3 release)" then we should be ok with that.
    So: now we have the following expectations for version number
    variable content for the purposes of the AllFindModules test:
     - it should start with a decimal digit (match "^[0-9]")
     - it should not be empty
     - it should not be VERSION_EQUAL 0
     - it should not be NOT VERSION_GREATER 0
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