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    cmGlobalGenerator: FindMakeProgram() before CMakeDetermineSystem · d5b5c192
    Kyle Edwards authored
    Prior to 147d36ce, the build tool was found before the toolset was
    selected, but was changed to be found after in order to support a
    64-bit MSBuild (introduced in da402a08.) However, a bug was found in
    64-bit MSBuild, which resulted in da402a08 being reverted in
    f3cedf38 (but 147d36ce was not reverted.) Move FindMakeProgram() even
    earlier than it was before 147d36ce, before CMakeDetermineSystem is
    called, so that the Visual Studio Android support can report its
    sysroot, giving Android-Determine the information it needs to
    inspect the NDK.
    When the bug in 64-bit MSBuild is fixed, we will have a chicken-and-
    egg problem, but we don't need to worry about it for now.
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