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    Project: Don't require computed default dialect if compiler was forced. · d1375851
    Stephen Kelly authored
    Commit 7235334a (Project: Determine default language dialect for the
    compiler., 2015-09-15) introduced a mechanism to determine the default
    dialect used for the running compiler.  If conditions in
    the <CompilerId>-<Lang>.cmake file are such that compile features for
    that version of the compiler should be supported, the _DEFAULT_STANDARD
    is set to the computed value.
    However, the CMakeForceCompiler module allows users to bypass execution of the
    compiler by CMake.  In that case, do not set the _DEFAULT_STANDARD variable at
    all, which effectively disables the compile-features where the module is used.
    No compile features have ever been recorded where the module is used so no
    functionality is lost.