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    Add CPACK_NSIS_INSTALL_ROOT for CMake's own installer (#9148) · 96cd1638
    David Cole authored
    Problem with CMake 2.8.4-rc1: when you launch the NSIS exe installer
    on Windows, the default install path shown to the end user is, at first,
    "\CMake 2.8".
    This problem started occurring when configuring CMake itself with an
    older CMake, after adding CPACK_NSIS_INSTALL_ROOT to fix issue 9148.
    So... it's a regression from 2.8.3.
    I forgot (again) that when you add a new CPack variable, you must
    add it to CMake's CMakeCPack.cmake file or else it is empty when
    configured with an older CMake. And on Windows, without a bootstrap
    build available, the releases are always configured with an older
    version of CMake. This may be the last time this has bitten me,
    though, because it is now burned into my brain that problems with
    CMake's installer itself are inevitably associated with adding new
    CPack variables.
    In addition to adding a definition for CPACK_NSIS_INSTALL_ROOT,
    I've gone ahead and made it differ for the 32- and 64-bit builds
    of CMake to give the end user the expected default value for the
    Program Files folder for each one.
    And, since I was adding a new 32/64 differentiator anyhow, I made
    the "NSIS package name" and "installer registry key base" different
    for 64-bit builds, too, by appending " (Win64)" to each one.
    These address the concerns mentioned in 9148's related issue:
    http://public.kitware.com/Bug/view.php?id=9094 (at least as far
    as CMake's installer is concerned). 9094 could still use a good
    general fix for all projects, though, and remains open for now.
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