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    cmTarget: Don't allow relative paths in INTERFACE_SOURCES · bb5905bb
    Stephen Kelly authored
    Follow the pattern of checks that are made for INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES.
    Existence is already checked by cmSourceFile::GetFullPath.  Add a check
    to disallow relative paths in source directories. Otherwise code such as
     target_sources(lib1 INTERFACE foo.cpp)
    would fail if consumed by a target in a different directory.
    Unlike the INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES behavior, we don't care whether
    the entry comes from an IMPORTED target or not.  In the include directories
    case, the directory for a non-imported target might not exist yet but
    might be created.  In the sources case, a file which does not yet
    exist in the filesystem must be explicitly marked with the GENERATED
    Adjust existing tests and add a new test for the error.
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