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    Autogen: Deprecation message for CMAKE_AUTOMOC_RELAXED_MODE · b5ad572a
    Sebastian Holtermann authored
    `CMAKE_AUTOMOC_RELAXED_MODE` was added for backwards compatibility with KDE 4,
    which had its last release in 2014.  It does not offer additional features
    but complicates the `AUTOMOC` code and dependency computation considerably.
    Projects that use `CMAKE_AUTOMOC_RELAXED_MODE` functionality always got
    extensive warnings during builds and tips on how to convert to regular mode,
    which is trivial (see commit e474dcb2, CMake 2.8.7).
    It's time to consider this feature deprecated and issue a warning at
    configuration time as well.
    This adds a configuration time deprecation `AUTHOR_WARNING` for
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