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    project: Fix support for explicit RC language · 9c5238df
    Brad King authored
    The check added in commit v3.6.0-rc1~293^2 (Diagnose recursive
    project/enable_language without crashing, 2016-03-07) broke support for
    enabling `RC` explicitly along with other languages like `C`.  The
    reason is that we enable all listed languages at once so the internal
    `enable_language(RC)` that we do while enabling `C` or `CXX` on some
    platforms triggers the recursion check if `RC` is explicitly listed.
    Ideally we should refactor things to only enable one language at a time,
    but for now it is simplest to just exclude `RC` from the explicit list
    until other languages are enabled, and then enable it.
    Closes: #16330