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    KWSys 2018-02-01 (04fcc449) · 854feacc
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    at commit 04fcc449646eb2ff3d701986946a1db60b2161b7 (master).
    Upstream Shortlog
    Ben Boeckel (11):
          ba270398 SystemToolsAppendComponents: move strings when building components
          cfd0f1e6 JoinPath: push back as a character
          6770cb3e GetFilenameName: optionally don't search for \ on non-Windows
          22b189b0 ConvertToUnixSlashes: remove escaped space logic
          342d69a4 ConvertToUnixSlashes: short-circuit on hasDoubleSlash
          5dd87350 ConvertToUnixSlashes: remove pos1
          3b46b7c0 ConvertToUnixSlashes: bail early on empty paths
          55d1d6ab CollapseFullPath: reserve space for components
          68807138 CollapseFullPath: prefer .empty() to .length() == 0
          71a6de42 CollapseFullPath: refactor the overloads to share implementations
          318550c7 CheckCollapsePath: add more test cases
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