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    ENH: Updated exporting and importing of targets to support libraries and configurations. · 5594ad48
    Brad King authored
      - Created cmExportFileGenerator hierarchy to implement export file generation
      - Installed exports use per-config import files loaded by a central one.
      - Include soname of shared libraries in import information
      - Renamed PREFIX to NAMESPACE in INSTALL(EXPORT) and EXPORT() commands
      - Move addition of CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to destinations to install generators
      - Import files compute the installation prefix relative to their location when loaded
      - Add mapping of importer configurations to importee configurations
      - Rename IMPORT targets to IMPORTED targets to distinguish from windows import libraries
      - Scope IMPORTED targets within directories to isolate them
      - Place all properties created by import files in the IMPORTED namespace
      - Document INSTALL(EXPORT) and EXPORT() commands.
      - Document IMPORTED signature of add_executable and add_library
      - Enable finding of imported targets in cmComputeLinkDepends