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    Require CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER to be found as a full path · 3e04946f
    Brad King authored
    All generators now support detection of the full path to the compiler, so
    require it to be so.  This will allow CMake<LANG>Information.cmake and
    other logic to assume the full path to the compiler tool is available.
    The Makefile generators already rejected CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER values
    that did not name an existing compiler.  Extend this error message to
    all generators, make it occur as early as possible, and improve the
    message with advice about how to set the compiler.  If the full path to
    the compiler is not known, finish enabling languages with a fatal error
    so configuration does not continue.
    For now, allow the RC language compiler to not be a full path.  Later we
    will need to detect the full path to "rc" under the VS IDE.
    Add a RunCMake.CompilerNotFound test to cover failure cases.
    Fix the RunCMake.CompilerChange test EmptyCompiler case to work
    when configuration does not continue past enable_language.
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