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    ENH: Merging changes from branch CMake-SourceFile2-b between tags · 35936433
    Brad King authored
    CMake-SourceFile2-bp and CMake-SourceFile2-b-mp1 to trunk.  This
    commit is surrounded by tags CMake-SourceFile2-b-mp1-pre and
    CMake-SourceFile2-b-mp1-post on the trunk.
    The changes re-implement cmSourceFile and the use of it to allow
    instances to be created much earlier.  The use of cmSourceFileLocation
    allows locating a source file referenced by a user to be much simpler
    and more robust.  The two SetName methods are no longer needed so some
    duplicate code has been removed.  The strange "SourceName" stuff is
    gone.  Code that created cmSourceFile instances on the stack and then
    sent them to cmMakefile::AddSource has been simplified and converted
    to getting cmSourceFile instances from cmMakefile.  The CPluginAPI has
    preserved the old API through a compatibility interface.
    Source lists are gone.  Targets now get real instances of cmSourceFile
    right away instead of storing a list of strings until the final pass.
    TraceVSDependencies has been re-written to avoid the use of
    SourceName.  It is now called TraceDependencies since it is not just
    for VS.  It is now implemented with a helper object which makes the
    code simpler.
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