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    Revert "specify language flag when source LANGUAGE property is set" · 30aa715f
    Brad King authored
    Revert commit 74b1c9fc (Explicitly specify language flag when source
    LANGUAGE property is set, 2020-06-01, v3.19.0-rc1~722^2) and the lookup
    tables from its two immediate ancestors.  The purpose of that change was
    to convert an explicit `LANGUAGE` source file property into an explicit
    language specification compiler flag like `-x c`.  This seems reasonable
    since the property is documented as meaning "indicate what programming
    language the source file is".  It is also needed to help compilers deal
    with non-standard source file extensions they don't recognize.
    However, some projects have been setting `LANGUAGE C` on `.S` assembler
    source files to mean "use the C compiler".  Passing `-x c` for them
    breaks the build because the `.S` sources are not written in C.  These
    projects should be updated to use `enable_language(ASM)`, for which
    CMake often chooses the C compiler as the assembler when using
    toolchains that support it (which would ha...
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