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    Add basic Android platform module · 42f74df6
    Brad King authored
    Create a Platform/Android module that includes Platform/Linux since
    Android is based on Linux.  Provide only the minimal settings needed to
    get builds with Android NDK toolchains to work.
    Disable use of RPATH since the Android loader ignores it and we cannot
    predict the install destination anyway.
    Android supports soname but shared library names must end in ".so" and
    we cannot represent the versioned names with associated symlinks on all
    host operating systems anyway.  However, we do want the SONAME of
    library files to be set so that linking to them by path to the library
    file produces NEEDED entries with the soname and not the path.  Add a
    new CMAKE_PLATFORM_NO_VERSIONED_SONAME setting to tell the
    cmTarget::GetLibraryNames method that not to use the VERSION or
    SOVERSION target properties in the soname.
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