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    Tests: Use a less strict regular expression to look for "SONAME" · 21d99aa3
    Raphael Kubo da Costa authored
    Commit 899458ab (Tests: Cover NO_SONAME property for SHARED libraries,
    2015-08-20) introduced a few new ExportImport tests, and the
    check_lib_{no}soname.cmake scripts that parse readelf(1)'s output.
    Make the regular expression matching the SONAME line output by readelf
    less strict, as the output format varies across implementations: GNU
    binutils' readelf is the only one to write each ELF header within
    parentheses (which the previous regular expression expected).  The new
    tests were thus failing when either Fedora's elfutils (eu-readelf) or
    elftoolchain's readelf (present on recent FreeBSD versions) were being
    used, as they both list the headers without parentheses.
    The same issue also affected Tests/Plugin's check_mod_soname.cmake, so
    fix that one as well -- the only reason the test was not failing is that
    it tested that the regular expression did not match, which was always
    the case with a non-binutils readelf.
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