1. 20 May, 2015 4 commits
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  4. 15 May, 2015 1 commit
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      added layers and fields in a big leap toward compositing · e0b84d20
      Dave DeMarle authored
      Layers are for objects that are rendered on their own by the explorer
      but can be composed together in the viewer. Fields are color inputs
      for layers.
      This depended on:
        Added parameter space bifurcation since each layer might have
      different sets of fields so can no longer be a simple combination.
        Added option type which is a hint to the viewer to let you pick
      several things at the same time.
        Added (to filestore only) a way for the documents in the store
      to have varying type because depth images and color images are
        Added (to vtk_explorer) a way to ask for depth images.
      Also remove validate_parameter which was dead code for long ago.
  5. 08 May, 2015 1 commit