Commit dec9c30b authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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SharedForward: Hard-code the ldpath buffer size to below VS 14 limit

Visual Studio 14 (2015) complains if a static character array is
declared with more than 65535 elements.  This limit should be large
enough for SharedForward clients, so just hard-code that instead of
trying to compute a limit.

Change-Id: Ib24195b0d0972bdabaf5a18b93a1a9b8c43dc773
parent 5843f590
......@@ -813,7 +813,7 @@ static void kwsys_shared_forward_print_failure(char const* const* argv)
/* Static storage space to store the updated environment variable. */
static char kwsys_shared_forward_ldpath[KWSYS_SHARED_FORWARD_MAXPATH*16] = KWSYS_SHARED_FORWARD_LDPATH "=";
static char kwsys_shared_forward_ldpath[65535] = KWSYS_SHARED_FORWARD_LDPATH "=";
/* Main driver function to be called from main. */
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