Commit 2e4a0ff0 authored by Ådne Hovda's avatar Ådne Hovda Committed by Brad King
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SystemInformation: Check for _SC_AIX_REALMEM before using it

Add a check for supported flag when querying for system memory on
AIX 5.1.

Change-Id: I8fd898f025384c3f1551475abec2cf92607b7ca1
parent 88c8cc7f
......@@ -3913,7 +3913,7 @@ bool SystemInformationImplementation::QueryCygwinMemory()
bool SystemInformationImplementation::QueryAIXMemory()
#if defined(_AIX)
#if defined(_AIX) && defined(_SC_AIX_REALMEM)
long c = sysconf(_SC_AIX_REALMEM);
if (c <= 0)
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