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Convert developer setup scripts away from Gerrit Code Review

KWSys development is moving away from the Gerrit Code Review system.
Disable portions of `` related to Gerrit.
parent 41a7fe5b
url =
project = KWSys
site =
pushurl = $
url =
url =
#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo "Adding 'git prepush' alias" &&
git config alias.prepush 'log --graph --stat origin/master..' &&
echo "Adding 'git gerrit-push' alias" &&
git config alias.gerrit-push "!bash GitSetup/git-gerrit-push" &&
gerrit_disabled="KWSys no longer uses Gerrit. Please use GitLab." &&
git config alias.gerrit-push '!sh -c "echo '"${gerrit_disabled}"'"' &&
......@@ -3,14 +3,18 @@
cd "${BASH_SOURCE%/*}" &&
GitSetup/setup-user && echo &&
GitSetup/setup-hooks && echo &&
GitSetup/setup-gerrit && echo &&
GitSetup/setup-aliases && echo &&
GitSetup/setup-upstream && echo &&
# Rebase master by default
git config rebase.stat true
git config branch.master.rebase true
# Disable Gerrit hook explicitly so the commit-msg hook will
# not complain even if some gerrit remotes are still configured.
git config hooks.GerritId false
# Record the version of this setup so Scripts/pre-commit can check it.
git config hooks.SetupForDevelopment ${SetupForDevelopment_VERSION}
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