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Fujitsu: Update docs and release notes

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......@@ -359,6 +359,7 @@ following :variable:`compiler ids <CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER_ID>` as of the
versions specified for each:
* ``Cray``: Cray Compiler Environment version 8.1+.
* ``Fujitsu``: Fujitsu HPC compiler 2.0+.
* ``PGI``: PGI version 12.10+.
* ``TI``: Texas Instruments compiler.
* ``XL``: IBM XL version 10.1+.
* Addition of the ``Fujitsu`` compiler ID operating in traditional ``Trad``
mode and ``FujitsuClang`` operating in ``Clang`` mode.
* The :module:`FindOpenMP` module learned to support ``Fujitsu`` and
* The :module:`FindMPI` module learned to support ``Fujitsu`` and
``FujitsuClang`` in both host and cross compiling modes.
* The :module:`FindBLAS` and :module:`FindLAPACK` modules learned to support
the serial ``Fujitsu SSSL2`` and parallel ``Fujitsu SSL2BLAMP`` libraries.
......@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@ include:
Cray = Cray Compiler (
Embarcadero, Borland = Embarcadero (
Flang = Flang LLVM Fortran Compiler
Fujitsu = Fujitsu HPC compiler (Trad mode)
FujitsuClang = Fujitsu HPC compiler (Clang mode)
G95 = G95 Fortran (
GNU = GNU Compiler Collection (
GHS = Green Hills Software (
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