Commit 6ce27f6d authored by Carson Brownlee's avatar Carson Brownlee
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fixing missing bracket in renderer

parent 6510b63f
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......@@ -305,7 +305,7 @@ OSPGeometricModel RenderAsCylinders(std::vector<osp::vec3f>& vertices,
const double avg =
(*scaleArray->GetTuple(indexArray[i]) + *scaleArray->GetTuple(indexArray[i])) * 0.5;
const float r = static_cast<float>(MapThroughPWF(avg, scaleFunction));
const double r = MapThroughPWF(avg, scaleFunction);
const osp::vec3f& v = vertices[indexArray[i]];
// linear not supported for variable radii, must use curve type with
// 4 instead of 2 control points
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