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    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Support all Allocate flags in UnknownArrayHandle · 8d7cf2c8
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      `UnknownArrayHandle` supported an `Allocate` method to change
      the size of the underlying array without knowing its type.
      However, it did not give all the features of `ArrayHandle`'s
      allocate. Namely, you could not specify that the data should
      be preserved and you could not provide a `Token` object. This
      change adds these (optional) parameters.
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    • Dave Pugmire's avatar
      Merge topic 'add_curvilinear_builder' · b07a69e7
      Dave Pugmire authored and Kitware Robot's avatar Kitware Robot committed
      3bd15950 Clarify dimension values for 2d, 1d. fix test
      651345b4 cleanup included headers.
      aaa6855a Clean the code up a little.
       Add helper class to build curvilinear datasets.
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Acked-by: Kenneth Moreland's avatarKenneth Moreland <morelandkd@ornl.gov>
      Merge-request: !2511
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Export tbb interface as vtkm::tbb · 3be3529f
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The dependent exports should be placed in the vtkm namespace.
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Disable loading the TBBConfig.cmake file · a8825db5
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Sourcing the file installed on dragnipur is causing a CMake error. I
      don't know if it is an install error or a problem with FindTBB.cmake,
      but this should get around the problem by just using the "old" method
      for finding TBB.
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Update parallel radix sort for OpenMP · 5eb688da
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Some changes required for TBB bled into the implementation of OpenMP.
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Use TBB task_group for radix sort · 1eea0bee
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      TBB 2020 introduced a new class called `task_group`. TBB 2021 removed
      the old class `task` as its functionality was replaced by `task_group`.
      Our parallel radix sort for TBB was implemented using `task`s, so change
      it to use `task_group` (which actually cleans up the code a bit).
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Remove testing headers from benchmarking · 9d5d9e38
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The code in `vtkm/cont/Testing.h` now requires a library, which is not
      built if testing is not built. Thus, the benchmarking code was giving a
      compile error if benchmarking was on but testing was off.
      Change the benchmarking to not rely on anything in the Testing
      framework. This means using classes in `vtkm/source` instead of
      `MakeTestData`. Also avoid using the `TestValue` defined for the tests.
      (In one case, we have a simple replacement.) Also had to fix a problem
      with a header file not defining everything it needed to compile.
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Remove TBB parallel_sort patch · 904e784e
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Years ago we discovered a problem with TBB's parallel sort, which we
      patch in our local repo and submitted a change to TBB, which has been
      The code to decide whether to use our parallel_sort patch does not work
      with the latest versions of TBB because it requires including a header
      that changed names to get the TBB version.
      We no longer support any TBB version with this bug, so just remove the
      patch from VTK-m.
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Pull FindTBB.cmake from VTK · 0390c8b0
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The latest version of TBB changes the include directory where the
      version is stored, so the old version of FindTBB.cmake would fail
      because it could not open this file. This issue has already been fixed
      by the FindTBB.cmake in VTK, so pull the latest version of that.
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