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update README to reference issue about PUT vs POST

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......@@ -58,7 +58,11 @@ These API endpoints have been implemented.
* `POST /projects/:project/merge_requests` `projects/merge_requests/`
* `GET /projects/:project/merge_requests/:merge_request` `projects/merge_requests/`
* `PUT /projects/:project/merge_requests/:merge_request` `projects/merge_requests/`
This should be a `POST` action.
* `PUT /projects/:project/merge_requests/:merge_request/merge` `projects/merge_requests/`
This should be a `POST` action.
* `PUT /projects/:project/merge_requests/:merge_request/rebase` `projects/merge_requests/`
* `POST /projects/:project/merge_requests/:merge_request/approve` `projects/merge_requests/`
* `POST /projects/:project/merge_requests/:merge_request/unapprove` `projects/merge_requests/`
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