1. 02 Sep, 2015 2 commits
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      Utilities/Release: Install docs in unversioned directory (#15692) · 6f7edb87
      Brad King authored
      Our upstream-built release tarballs already contain many unversioned
      paths and so will never overlap with another version of CMake in the
      same installation prefix.  Therefore we do not need a versioned name for
      the documentation directory.  Configure our release binaries to place
      the documentation in an unversioned directory so that one can use the
      same path to refer to the documentation locally even after updating
      CMake.  For example, on OS X one may see the documentation in
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      Utilities/Release: Refactor bootstrap argument construction · 7d891cde
      Brad King authored
      Pass needed bootstrap arguments directly instead of constructing them
      from various conditions.
  2. 05 Aug, 2015 1 commit
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      Do not install 3rd-party dependencies by default · 26f5445b
      Brad King authored
      Disable the CMake_INSTALL_DEPENDENCIES option by default and turn it on
      explicitly in our packaging scripts.  This simplifies packaging in
      distributions that provide the dependencies for us without having to
      install them.  We only need 3rd-party runtime dependencies to be
      installed for packaging with redistributable binaries.
  3. 24 Sep, 2014 1 commit
  4. 08 May, 2014 1 commit
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      OS X: Package with DragNDrop instead of PackageMaker · dc3c2102
      Brad King authored
      Use the CPack DragNDrop generator instead of the deprecated PackageMaker
      tool to package CMake itself.  This provides an installation experience
      that is more consistent with other products on OS X and allows users to
      select the destination directory easily.  It also avoids installing
      "/private/var/db/receipts/com.Kitware.CMake.*" receipts that must be
      removed by "pkgutil --forget com.Kitware.CMake" before another version
      of CMake can be installed.
      The DragNDrop installer does not support a post-flight script, so drop
      our configuration of it.  The cmake-gui has an option for installing
      symbolic links to enable command-line use.  In practice users may simply
      add "/Applications/CMake.app/Contents/bin" to their PATH instead.
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  12. 02 Jun, 2011 1 commit
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      CMake: eliminate use of cvs in the Release scripts · b43af94a
      David Cole authored
      Set GIT_COMMAND to "git" -- each machine involved in building
      the CMake release binaries has the right "git" in the PATH.
      Separate the release scripts into two batches so we can build
      multiple releases on the same machine, in serial, if necessary.
      We currnetly do this with the Windows and Cygwin release
      binaries on dash2win64.
      Sort the files to be uploaded, so that sorting them by modification
      time (file copy / upload time) is equivalent to sorting them
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