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    • Mark Salisbury's avatar
      VS: Use lower-case boolean values in VS 7-9 (#14927) · b684ce58
      Mark Salisbury authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      The VS 7-9 IDEs parse .vcproj file boolean values in lower or upper
      case.  The .NET XML parsing chokes on anything but "true", "false", "0",
      "1".  Teach our generators to use lower-case names since they will work
      for both parsers.  Our VS >= 10 flag tables already use lower-case.
    • Stephen Kelly's avatar
      add_custom_command: Normalize OUTPUT and DEPENDS paths. · c4af46b4
      Stephen Kelly authored
      While tracing dependencies of a target, cmTargetTraceDependencies
      follows sources by full path to determine if the source is to be
      produced by a custom command.  Commit 4959f341 (cmSourceFileLocation:
      Collapse full path for directory comparisons., 2014-03-27) changed
      the storage of target sources to be in the form of a normalized
      path instead of an unnormalized path.
      The path is followed by looking it up in a mapping via
      cmMakefile::GetSourceFileWithOutput to acquire an appropriate
      cmSourceFile.  The mapping is populated with the OUTPUT components
      of add_custom_command invocations, however it is populated with
      unnormalized paths.  This means that the tracing logic does not
      find appropriate cmSourceFiles, and does not generate appropriate
      build rules for the generated sources.
      Normalize the paths in the OUTPUT components of add_custom_command
      to resolve this.
      The paths in the DEPENDS component of add_custom_command are also
      not normalized, leading to the same problem again.  Normalize the
      depends paths after generator evaluation and expansion.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Merge branch 'release' · 5e9441cd
      Brad King authored