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      Makefile: Print color escapes only when necessary · bfb9d34f
      Brad King authored
      Teach cmSystemTools::MakefileColorEcho to use the color printing API
      only when we actually have a color to print.  This avoids printing
      escape sequences that do not change the text attributes.
      Since commit v3.3.0-rc1~480^2~4 (Makefile: Fix output during parallel
      builds, 2015-02-05) we always use this code path to print progress and
      rule messages even when color is disabled (e.g. in a try_compile).  It
      is important to avoid printing escapes when there is no color because on
      MSYS we have no isatty and so assume that vt100 escapes are supported,
      but we do not want to print them when capturing try_compile output.
      If we capture the vt100 escapes in try_compile output, they contain
      unbalanced square brackets.  This causes CMakeParseImplicitLinkInfo
      to fail to separate lines in a ;-list and therefore fail to extract
      information from the link line.  Then mixed-language linking breaks.
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