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......@@ -33,11 +33,7 @@ Fortran Support
The ``Ninja`` generator conditionally supports Fortran when the ``ninja``
tool has the required features. As of this version of CMake the needed
features have not been integrated into upstream Ninja. Kitware maintains
a branch of Ninja with the required features on ``_.
.. _``:
tool is at least version 1.10 (which has the required features).
See Also
......@@ -713,14 +713,7 @@ bool cmGlobalNinjaGenerator::CheckFortran(cmMakefile* mf) const
e <<
"The Ninja generator does not support Fortran using Ninja version\n"
" " << this->NinjaVersion << "\n"
"due to lack of required features. "
"Kitware has implemented the required features and they have been "
"merged to upstream ninja for inclusion in Ninja 1.10 and higher. "
"As of this version of CMake, Ninja 1.10 has not been released. "
"Meanwhile, Kitware maintains a branch of Ninja at:\n"
"with the required features. "
"One may build ninja from that branch to get support for Fortran."
"due to lack of required features. Ninja 1.10 or higher is required."
/* clang-format on */
mf->IssueMessage(MessageType::FATAL_ERROR, e.str());
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