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Commit a5bb08a8 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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FindwxWidgets: Fix finding both release and debug libs

In commit fe54989f (FindwxWidgets: Add support for wxQt, 2019-11-12,
v3.16.0-rc4~12^2~1) the internal `WX_FIND_LIBS` macro gained an argument
but not all call sites were updated.  Update the missing one now.

Fixes: #20005
parent 84408ff4
Pipeline #152263 passed with stage
......@@ -649,7 +649,7 @@ if(wxWidgets_FIND_STYLE STREQUAL "win32")
# Find wxWidgets libraries.
WX_FIND_LIBS("${PF}" "${UNV}" "${UCD}" "${DBG}")
WX_FIND_LIBS("${UNV}" "${UCD}" "d")
WX_FIND_LIBS("${PF}" "${UNV}" "${UCD}" "d")
# Settings for requested libs (i.e., include dir, libraries, etc.).
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