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ENH: Refactor policy stack representation

This defines PolicyMap as a public member of cmPolicies.  Its previous
role as a policy stack entry is now called PolicyStackEntry and
represented as a class to which more information can be added later.
parent e8a0e901
......@@ -3599,11 +3599,10 @@ cmPolicies::PolicyStatus
cmMakefile::GetPolicyStatusInternal(cmPolicies::PolicyID id)
// Is the policy set in our stack?
psi = this->PolicyStack.rbegin();
for(PolicyStackType::reverse_iterator psi = this->PolicyStack.rbegin();
psi != this->PolicyStack.rend(); ++psi)
PolicyMap::const_iterator pse = psi->find(id);
PolicyStackEntry::const_iterator pse = psi->find(id);
if(pse != psi->end())
return pse->second;
......@@ -3678,7 +3677,7 @@ bool cmMakefile::SetPolicy(cmPolicies::PolicyID id,
bool cmMakefile::PushPolicy()
// Allocate a new stack entry.
return true;
......@@ -931,9 +931,15 @@ private:
std::map<cmStdString, cmTarget*> ImportedTargets;
// stack of policy settings
typedef std::map<cmPolicies::PolicyID,
cmPolicies::PolicyStatus> PolicyMap;
std::vector<PolicyMap> PolicyStack;
struct PolicyStackEntry: public cmPolicies::PolicyMap
typedef cmPolicies::PolicyMap derived;
PolicyStackEntry(): derived() {}
PolicyStackEntry(derived const& d): derived(d) {}
PolicyStackEntry(PolicyStackEntry const& r): derived(r) {}
typedef std::vector<PolicyStackEntry> PolicyStackType;
PolicyStackType PolicyStack;
cmPolicies::PolicyStatus GetPolicyStatusInternal(cmPolicies::PolicyID id);
bool CheckCMP0000;
......@@ -89,6 +89,10 @@ public:
///! Get docs for policies
void GetDocumentation(std::vector<cmDocumentationEntry>& v);
/** Represent a set of policy values. */
typedef std::map<cmPolicies::PolicyID,
cmPolicies::PolicyStatus> PolicyMap;
// might have to make these internal for VS6 not sure yet
std::map<PolicyID,cmPolicy *> Policies;
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