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Commit 6699d46a authored by Alex Turbov's avatar Alex Turbov Committed by Brad King
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FindBoost: Use string(APPEND) in more cases

parent 429cc18f
......@@ -1313,13 +1313,13 @@ string(APPEND _boost_DEBUG_ABI_TAG "d")
# p using the STLport standard library rather than the
# default one supplied with your compiler
set( _boost_RELEASE_ABI_TAG "${_boost_RELEASE_ABI_TAG}p")
set( _boost_DEBUG_ABI_TAG "${_boost_DEBUG_ABI_TAG}p")
string(APPEND _boost_RELEASE_ABI_TAG "p")
string(APPEND _boost_DEBUG_ABI_TAG "p")
# n using the STLport deprecated "native iostreams" feature
set( _boost_RELEASE_ABI_TAG "${_boost_RELEASE_ABI_TAG}n")
set( _boost_DEBUG_ABI_TAG "${_boost_DEBUG_ABI_TAG}n")
string(APPEND _boost_RELEASE_ABI_TAG "n")
string(APPEND _boost_DEBUG_ABI_TAG "n")
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